Have some rest, you’ve earned it!

Marking March 8th, the International Women’s Day, in an effort for it to remain a reminder of the struggle for women’s economic, political and social equality Women need no Women’s Day 20% discount for a massage, a book or laser hair removal. Neither do they need a free public transport ride, which was once a real deal […]

Youth in Exile

In today’s world, the topic of youth remains unaddressed. We live in a time where the cult of youth reigns supreme, youth is portrayed as the best time of life; everyone wishes to stay youthful, beautiful, and vital. Today, youth rules the world. In parallel, the reality is harsh – the youth are roaming, lost, facing unemployment,[…]

Shining a light: Kosovo’s female theatre-makers are becoming more visible

During the Polip International Literature Festival which took place in Prishtina in May this year, a debate took place entitled ‘Who is Telling Stories and Who is Sharing Stories?’ During the discussion, the Kosovan poet Mirishahe Syla made reference  to Caroline Criado-Perez’s book Invisible Women which argues that male remains the default in many areas of life[…]

Breathing Life into Belgrade

In his introductory speech delivered to the audience at the Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade during the “Sarajevo in Belgrade” event hosted by the “Kontakt” association, photographer Damir Šagolj emphasized the importance of this event, stating that this connection between the two cities was more necessary than ever.  Providing further explanations, he even used his professional[…]

Hanson-Green, just another regular Alipašino Polje resident

Sarajevo is still a place of strange encounters, a place where you can always meet foreigners with a hard-to-believe background story, which usually begins with hasty and ill-considered decisions to buy some tickets to SJJ – where some challenge or experience makes them stay longer than planned. One such acquaintance is Monica Hanson-Green, an American residing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The[…]


A couple of weeks ago, my twelve-year-old son gave his first statement to the police as a witness. My wife, while driving to pick him up from school, dared to use a horn to warn the driver of the Vespa that he had blocked the intersection. That’s why he followed her to school, stooped next to her,[…]

Artik and Asti

„Девочка, танцуй, всё пройдёт так скоро“ – so many times was that song played in a single night that I already knew it by heart. By the way, the song in question is the ultimate dance hit by Artik and Asti – names that firmly held a serious position in the musical selection of every Ukrainian club[…]

It is time we capitalized on our dignity

In my view, the best definition of what has been happening to us in terms of the general situation in our society, particularly when it comes to the issue of violence against women, was provided by Adrijana Zaharijević who described 2021 in the following manner, “This entire year fits between the hashtags #nisisama and #nisamprijavila (Eng. #youarenotalone[…]