Finally, feeling at home

The other day my best friend and I were on the phone, trying to fit in all possible topics while her newborn baby slept. As usual, the conversation somehow slipped towards women’s issues. Really, when you think about it, it’s not at all unusual that we talk about this so much, when most of our experiences are[…]

Human rights in the year that ends and the unstoppable power of change sparked by brave women who spoke up

The state of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina is best manifested in the fact that Ivan Begić, a younger generation opposition politician in the Republika Srpska, decided to retire from political life after an intimate sexual video of him with a same-sex partner was posted and shared online. I do not know if Begić changed his[…]

Culture needs a home

There is hardly a single person from ex-Yugoslavia into whose life the notion of a cultural center has not been etched. To some, that notion bears romantic memories of their youth, the dances they went to and performances they saw there, the first encounters with musical instruments that would permanently mark their lives as well as the[…]

Contradictions of Rwanda

Bosnian actor Benjamin Bajramović participated in a project called Shared stories of Bosnia and herzegovina, Ruwanda and Germany which took place in Kigali, capital of Rwanda this September. Learn more about life in Rwanda, dealing with the past and his part in this project in his own video story.

JEFF BARON: Families are the same everywhere

Visiting Mr. Green is a stage play by American author Jeff Baron that has been performed for over twenty years around the world and been receiving great reviews, awards and nominations. The play has gone on to have over 500 productions in 49 countries in 24 different languages and had its Off – Broadway premiere in 1997, with Eli[…]

“Chekhov’s First Play”, eternal search for the meaning and theatre as an experience

“Chekhov’s First Play” performed by Dead Center opened the 61. edition of the theatre festival MESS. The peculiarity of this performance has many elements, one of which is that it was directed by two people, Ben Kidd and Bush Moukarzel. Chekhov’s first play is based on Chekhov’s text, ‘Platonov’, which the directors and Chekhov himself have deemed[…]

Theatre for Protected Witnesses

I am not a person who overly enjoys contact with other people. I was not that person even before the pandemic. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s the midlife crisis, maybe it’s the city and the country where every exit from safety and certainty of my home feels like going to the front line, I don’t know.[…]

Stolen Childhoods and Conquests of Pain

Alban Ukaj’s director’s debut short film is a deeply intimate story that leaves a striking and painful impression. The story of three young men at the 1997 protests in Pristina and their arrest transcends the local, and while it faithfully conveys a specific socio-political moment, it also speaks of the present and goes beyond the meridians it[…]