About Us

As much as someone likes it or not, as much as we want to admit it or not, this piece of the planet formed one historical, cultural, economic and artistic whole long before it was given a new, fancy name: The Western Balkans. Now, with a new name, it resembles a problematic student who is constantly being called out over the school loudspeaker and who they would rather expel from school (a pity, because it does have potential); it smokes in the school toilet during class, tries to figure out what it will do with its life and, most importantly, what the hell is it doing at school when it is hundreds of years old and is loaded with knowledge and experience?

While every new reshuffling of power brings us to year zero, the one in which the New History and the New Age begin – everything before the new era becomes irrelevant, all old ties are broken, we choose what fits into the new narrative, and leave the rest by the trash can in hope that someone will pick it up and take it away before the neighbours see the disgrace.

Imagine this portal as a space where these things are brought and exhibited without restoration, washing or beautification, just as they are. Beautiful or ugly, they are ours, they are a mirror of ourselves, they tell us who we are and where we came from. The ugliest ones even have the power to show us the way to the future if we are willing to look at them. Understand it as a space of freedom unencumbered by borders, language, trend of narrative or current politics. A place where the narrowness of national pride gives way to a breadth of pride of diversity and, most importantly, a place of exchange that connects through art, culture and critical thought.

Welcome and stay uKONTAKTu!