Kirstie Macleod, the creator of the Red Dress: “Creating the Red Dress has forever been a culture of my life and has had a massive impact on it”

The Red Dress project, conceived by British artist Kirstie Macleod, provides an artistic platform for women around the world, many of whom are vulnerable and live in poverty, to tell their personal stories through embroidery. From 2009 to 2022, pieces of the Red Dress travelled the globe being continuously embroidered onto. Constructed out of 84 pieces of […]

Jasna Đuričić, actress: There is great fear in an ordinary man who censors himself in advance

For Jasna Đuričić, being awarded the Best Actress Award at the 34th European Film Awards was preceded by an opulent career comprising of numerous roles in films that mostly discussed the topics that are never spoken of, an exceptionally rich body of theater work the regional audience will mostly remember for Janežić’s “Seagull” in which, for six[…]

JELENA KORDIĆ KURET: Art is the noblest resource in the fight against nonsense

Last February saw the premiere of the play Rechnitz – the Exterminating Angel, based on the dramatic text by the Austrian Nobel Laureate Elfriede Jelinek and directed by Sabine Mitterecker. This performance is a co-production of the Sarajevo War Theater and the Croatian National Theater Mostar, which will be remembered as the first co-production of a Sarajevo-based[…]

My task is to be as faithful a companion to the director as I can be; a Sancho Panza to my Don Quixotes  

Photo by: Ivan Buvinić Vladimir Gojun is a film editor with an impressive work biography. His editing work includes both feature and documentary films and he has also tried himself in the role of director. He is also the editor of the only mockumentary (pseudo-documentary) film from former Yugoslavia titled “Houston, We Have a Problem”. He is[…]

Words sound harsher if we don’t break them into verses 

On the occasion of the publication of her new collection of poems titled “Spoticanja” (Eng. Stumbling Blocks) (BIRN, 2021), poetess Mirjana Narandžić discusses the peculiarities of her artistic expression, poetry as being conditioned by the social context in which it is created and the inseparability of personal from collective history.   Your collection of poems titled Spoticanja[…]