Theatre performance “Welcome”

The performance “Welcome” uses water as a medium. The water of the Olympic pool becomes a projection canvas, the Mediterranean Sea, the coast of Greece, the coast of Turkey, a cornfield, a border, then a European metropolis, a railway, our own backyard as well as Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Istanbul, Athens, Aleppo, and Sarajevo. Director : Nermin […]


One of the most disturbing things when it comes to challenges that Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing is dissatisfaction of a young people and their interest in leaving this country. Something what we can see in Bosnia and Herzegovina and what should be emphasized is that the young people with decent jobs and solid opportunities for a[…]

Life lasts three days

With Slaven Došlo, Branka Katić, Marko Grabež, Milan Marić, Miloš Timotijević Bogdan and Svetlana come from two different layers of a rotten social system. By chance, they run into each other in her wealthy villa. They are both unhappy with their lives, and they start a complex relationship that is from the start condemned to exist only[…]

SKOJ Member Minka

“SKOJ member Minka” is an intimate story about the author’s grandmother. As a teenager, she was a member of SKOJ and she lived her whole life in her own world, surrounded by memories and symbols from that period. Although she was photographed both in the exterior and interior, most of the photos were taken inside her room,[…]

55 Shades of Gay – Balkan Spring of Sexual Revolution

Jetona Neziraja 55 shades of gay is a burlesque story about LGBTI politics in the Balkans and Europe. Local Balkan politicians try to manipulate and deceive EU officials, the humanitarian mercenaries of international NGOs often exploit the homophobic environment to raise funds, so they can implement their social and educational projects [such as workshops and seminars on[…]