Short film by Katarina Koljević

Life lasts three days

With Slaven Došlo, Branka Katić, Marko Grabež, Milan Marić, Miloš Timotijević

Bogdan and Svetlana come from two different layers of a rotten social system. By chance, they run into each other in her wealthy villa. They are both unhappy with their lives, and they start a complex relationship that is from the start condemned to exist only inside the vacuum the villa provides.

Director: Katarina Koljević

Written by: Katarina Koljević

DOP: Luka Trajković

Editing: Matija Đukanović, Andrijana Krčmar

Music by: Jovan Marić

Producers: Tatjana Žeželj Gojković, Pavle Vučković

Production house: PLAN 9

Film is supported by Film Center Serbia

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