Denis Butorac: Epistle

Denis Butorac  was born in 1992, Croatia. He obtained a master’s degree in Photography at the Academy of Dramatic Art. Apart from two Rector’s and Dean’s Awards, he also received the Marina Viculin Award, a monetary reward given as recognition to Croatian artists for their outstanding achievement in the field of photography. In September 2018 he presented […]

Goranka Matić

Goranka Matić (1949, Maribor, Slovenia) lives and works in Belgrade. She graduated in art history from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She took up photography in 1980 and has published her works in the magazines Džuboks, Start, Svijet, Polet, Omladinske novine, Duga, Liberation, Delo, Politika. Since its foundation in 1971, she has been collaborating with the Student Cultural Centre[…]


One of the most disturbing things when it comes to challenges that Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing is dissatisfaction of a young people and their interest in leaving this country. Something what we can see in Bosnia and Herzegovina and what should be emphasized is that the young people with decent jobs and solid opportunities for a[…]

SKOJ Member Minka

“SKOJ member Minka” is an intimate story about the author’s grandmother. As a teenager, she was a member of SKOJ and she lived her whole life in her own world, surrounded by memories and symbols from that period. Although she was photographed both in the exterior and interior, most of the photos were taken inside her room,[…]