Nermin Hamzagić

Theatre performance “Welcome”

The performance “Welcome” uses water as a medium. The water of the Olympic pool becomes a projection canvas, the Mediterranean Sea, the coast of Greece, the coast of Turkey, a cornfield, a border, then a European metropolis, a railway, our own backyard as well as Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Istanbul, Athens, Aleppo, and Sarajevo.

Director : Nermin Hamzagić | Cast: Maja Izetbegović, Ermin Bravo, Boris Ler, Sanin Milavić i Amar Selimović | Dramaturgy: Asja Krsmanović |

Scenography: Adisa Vatreš Selimović I Costume design: Vanja Ciraj i Irma Saje |

Music: Enes Zlatar | Video & animation: Redžinald Šimek | Design: Enes Huseinčehajić | Photography: Velija Hasanbegović | Production: Kontakt

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