Una Jankov

Una Jankov (Novi Sad, 1993) is a scene and costume designer. She finished her BA and MA studies in Scene architecture, technique and design at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. During her studies she worked as a scenographer for following plays: Eugene Onegin (directing: Boris Liješević, Youth theatre), Photograph 51 (directing: Tara Manić, UK VUK) , Dear Elena Sergeyevna (directing: Lana Pavkov, Youth theatre). As well as set design assistant for the play Hamlet (directing: Aleksandar Popovski, set design: NUMEN, JDP). In year 2018. she does set design with Daniela Dimitrovska for a short feature film 19 Schaffarik street (directing: Lana Pavkov). Her Master of Arts she finishes in August 2020 at Technical University in Berlin (Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum, TU). On her master exhibition she presents a spatial installation named Distances. After she works as a costume designer for following productions: Rich White Straight, Der Tragödie Zweiter Teil (directing: Branko Janack, Maksim Gorki Theater, Berlin 2020.), Der Frieden (directing: Branko Janack, Städtische Theater Chemnitz, 2019.) and Tapetenwechsel (Landesbühnen Sachsen, 2020.) At the moment she is working as a set designer for a play In jaws of life (directing: Andrej Nosov, BDP 2021) and as a set and costume designer for the play I do the same job bleeding (concept: Nina Vieten, Gostner Hoftheater, Nunberg 2021).

 Web /  www.unajankov.com

 Instagram / @una_jankov

DISTANCES INSTALLATION – acrylic on paper / digital print

DISTANCES / Series Selfie /



Director: Lana Pavkov | Cinematography: Luka Trajković | Set design: Una Jankov, Daniela Dimitrovska | Photography: Srđan Đurić | Production: Ena Bajraktarević, Tijana Drakulić, Vanja Lozanović


Director: Andrej Nosov | Set design: Una Jankov | DAS Theater, Amsterdam

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