To freedom

Novi Šeher, a small city in Bosnia is a home to a Lepić family. At the beginning of the Bosnian war Croats and Bosniaks fought together against Serbs. Croats betrayed Bosniaks, and ethnicly cleared the town. Father Asim and uncle Nero were taken to Heliodrom and mom Suvada with two young daughters were taken to woman camp in Žepče. They didn`t know anything about each other for more than 6 months. This film tells their life stories, and they are told for the first time ever. They have never spoke about it, nor they will ever again.

A film by – Jasenko Pašić

Music – Basheskia & Edward EQ

Sound design and mix – Nenad Kovačević / Audio InFunktion

Translated by – Emin Čamo and Jasenko Pašić

Proofread by – Chris Dale

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